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Designed to empower urban citizens to translate change in life and work into buildings by creating an inclusive open circular development. Thus to live and work in healthy affordable customizable buildings while preserving our natural resources.

Find an overview of projects, products, education and research on living and working in buildings and areas from the point of interest of end users and (natural) resource management.

Open Building is a worldwide principle founded over 50 years ago; see for the general outline of download the history written by prof. Stephen Kendall.

As in the western world we spend around 80% of our time inside, it is for us users of buildings very important to have a good indoor environment. Therefore the BRIQS foundation assisted in 2015 in the translation for Dutch buildings and their end-users of this international report. The Executive SummaryIntroduction and Key Findings to the WorldGBC Health, Wellbeing, Productivity and the Business Case report (click to download).

HWP in Offices


Other research on  the impact of indoor environment of green retail buildings show improvements of worker performance up to almost 300%. So we are only just beginning.

We are collecting and publishing the advantages of examples, preparing courses and masterclasses and initiating projects where you as end user are deciding yourself how you live and work accompanied by carefully (re)use of raw materials and energy.

Be inspired by the many examples of Open Building in the Netherlands and (far) outside. Go to the pages:

Open Building Examples and Downloads

Housing examples and downloads:

The Netherlands




Non-residential examples:

Office and healthcare buildings examples and downloads

Developing cities:

Developing Cities examples and downloads

For information and project downloads. And please be back regularly because we want to continue adding new projects, ideas and useful information.

Research, workshops and related documents on Circulair buildings

In addition, there are workshops initiated by BRIQS Foundation at the TU Delft in collaboration with among others five universities and colleges to come to measure circularity of buildings. Various researchers, teachers, doctoral students, graduates and participants from the industry are participating along.

ETH Zurich published this research paper on Open Building as the basis for Circularity in homes. The paper was presented at the Open Building Congress on 11th of September 2015 at ETH Zurich and was the first time Circularity, material value and stakeholder choices came together in one principle for the buildings of the present and future.

Circular material and product flows in buildings

The accompanying research report Circular Materials and Product flows in Buildings was presented on July 1, 2015 on the C2C Inspired lab TU Delft Congress. In addition, Circle City ( will be in Circular Building Materials and deepened by support of BRIQS as expressed on her website. Also from the EU Horizon 2020 innovation program will be further research done, now primarily focused on building circular, not buildings. As this research Buildings as Material Banks of BAMB is led by Brussels Environment, it will be further developed the coming period.

In the coming year several Green Deals – contracts between Dutch government, education, research and business – will be addressed in their questions around the measurability of circularity in the economy.

Such As the Green Deals:

  1. Circular Buildings
  2. Biobased Building
  3. Fair Meter
  4. Circular City
  5. Sustainable schools
  6. Circulair commissioning
  7. Smart Energy Cities
  8. Hotspot for Circular Economy
  9. Green Canals
  10. Direct Current Haarlemmermeer
  11. Sustainability chain in concrete

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