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Open Building also has a lot to offer to developing cities in many countries. The economy is growing faster than in already developed countries, which means many homes need to be changed, improved and enlarged quickly. That will be the only way to continue to meet the needs of the existing residents or the residents have to move to more unless neighbourhoods breaking up the social framework and thus avoiding rising areas. Non flexible buildings and neighborhoods are no longer usable and becoming run down.

There is an integral method of Open Designs Affordable Social Housingavailable for affordable housing with additional opportunities for urban agriculture and the generation of solar energy. CSR Netherlands and different international and local aid organizations and governments are considering projects in Brazil, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Indonesia, Kenia, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenia and South Africa. BRIQS is aiding these developments by supporting investments to social, economical and ecological Open Building developments. Read more about that in this BRIQS principal document.

A special Affordable Housing Research Network at the University of Hong Kong that handles this with the support and implementation of JIA Beisi.

Because integrity is an integral part of working on homes for developing countries, we agree on the following principles along with our worldwide partners: MASSIVE SMALL DECLARATION Massive Small Declaration

Part of our effort is joined through the Smart City Collective that also is active in Bandung as you van see in this video in English.

You can help us to raise the investments to get going fast!

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