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Open Building is the result of Open Design. Open Building looks at the base building and the fit-out as two separate parts, both technically and in the division of responsibilities. In addition, we naturally know the furniture of the residents and the neighborhood link to the municipality.

For decades designers and builders have been realizing projects in residential and commercial building that grant residents and businesses the freedom to have their own fit-out designed and constructed. New and existing residents and businesses repeatedly have the opportunity to adjust their fit-out or even start all over again, all at their own discretion.

A lot has already been written and researched on this subject as seen on more technical or philosophical websites such and which both are managed from the Delft University of Technology.

Open Design is a method where you, as an individual resident are full partner in the creation of your own home. Your involvement is a necessary condition for the industrialization of housing. In the shop you will find an interesting book about this subject with the total “Open Design”:

Open Ontwerpen

Open Design of buildings has many advantages for you. That’s because Open Design takes social sustainability as a starting point which puts you, as a Primary User, up front. In this way social sustainability becomes the foundation for ecological and economic sustainability.

  • Open Design is social because during the whole lifecycle your home or workplace can be adjusted to your changing needs or those of new users.
  • Open design is ecological because you can apply elements, components, products and materials over and over again.
  • Open design is economical because new types of contracts and financing can be applied. The division of property and liability is transparent, simple and unambiguous.

Examples tell more and on these pages illustrate all these aspects.

The examples of Open Designs and Open Building

Examples of Open Building in The Netherlands.

Examples Open Building in Finland.

Examples Open Building in Japan.

Examples of Open Building elsewhere in the world.

Examples of Open Building in healthcare buildings.

Examples of Open Building from fast developing cities.


Apart from all this, there are still a dozen countries where Open Design and Open Building projects are realized. Every one of those projects show that meeting the needs of individual residents constitutes a good business case. The shrinking housing market accelerates this process. We now know about residential buildings in Austria, Belgium, China, England, France, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, Russia, USA and Switzerland.

Of course we want to hear from buildings elsewhere in the world. We would very much like add them to our data so we can offer you an even more complete overview. In addition, we can bring people involved in these projects and other interested parties together. Let’s move on to more opportunities for residents and workers to create their own home!

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