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From the many projects known to us a presentation follows below.

In this 90-page download (in English and Chinese and als downloadable from, professor JIA Beisi from Hong Kong displayed his collected large number of over 46 (!) open building home examples around the world. He especially collected many from Austria and Germany during his ETH Zurich study. On his university page also many articles can be found on recent Open Building in Asia. About his research in the Open Building elsewhere have a look on our developing cities page.

Homes by US turnkey homebuilders are in some case completed as Open Buildings with adaptivity as basis while maintaining high energy efficiency. The company Bensonwood of Boston is one of the frontrunners. The owner presents in this video how Open Builing influenced them and in this video how they totally changed the companies principles, practice and organisation to reach that goal.

In Moscow the top sector of apartment building often makes use of the advantages of Open Building. Only Open Building (Free Plan) is not an official term according to the Moscow Home Inspection. Developers, brokers and architects work according to the principles of Open Building even without the complete latitude. Due to limitations from legislation and regulations not all advantages come into their own. According to the current Russian Construction Law in high-rise buildings spaces with the same function must be situated above and below each other; a living room above and below a living room, a kitchen above and below a kitchen, and so on. In Free Plan Apartments – FPA projects – they do not stick to this. It is not yet certain how such projects will get an official building permit for this exception. Also the loan and financing methods for both developers and buyers need further study. In this English download you will find documents of two buildings in Moscow.

In Flanders, a number of architects of building complexes made by this principle, moreover, premise and experiencing a comeback in research and proposals. See Waldo Galle as basis of his PhD research that he finished in 2017.

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